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Best Android Apps – The Must Have Apps For Your Device


If you are new into using Android devices, then you must be careful of not jamming up your device with too much unnecessary app. You can have a few games downloaded over to your device but too much apps installed at a time can really slow down the device. You thus need to be choosy of what really you need what really to keep on your device to keep it smooth and fast. Today we will be discussing the top five apps that you can need and will be helpful at any point of time.

  1. 1. Google Maps

Google Maps takes care of all your navigation. It doesn’t matter if you are into a new city or a new country, Google Maps can always etch your way to your destination. Not only it gives you the shortest way but also gives you all the possible routes to reach the destination. You can look up for the time required in each route and then decide on which way to go. It even picks up congestion and recommends you the easiest way on its own. You can find ways on the roads, by public transports, and even get to know which train leaves when or which bus leaves when from the spot nearest to you. You can even look up for restaurants, clinics, any shop or anything you need. All you need to do is search for what you need near you on the Maps.

  1. 2. Google Drive

The Google Drive lets you keep back up of all your much loved data. The Google Drive connects your cloud account to your Google Account and provides you 15 GB of additional data storage capacity online. It can even be extended based on the usage and packs of subscriptions. You can back up photos, videos, and any media content and keep your device memory free. This will lessen the pressure on the ROM and keep your phone smooth. You can keep in more apps when you have your ROM all cleaned up. This allows you to enjoy all you love keeping them at your fingertips distance yet not taking up space to jam the device.

  1. MS Office Suite

You can find the MS Office Suite in the Google Play Store. Once you download this tool, you can find all that you need to of Microsoft Office on your computer; you can use it over your phone. From Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel, from Microsoft Power Point to all MS Office tools, you can use over your phone at no expense. You can check your mails, get document files, view and edit them on the go and be working ready all the time. You can even prepare for your upcoming presentation or do some last minute changes to any urgent file on your device.

  1. Snap Seed

Snap Seed is a photo editing app by Google that gives you control over your photos like no other editing app can provide you with. It is neither a filter app nor an editing app. It is a kind of app that gives you some much control over your pictures that you cannot help but love this app. It lets you control even RAW files and get non destructive edits done on them. It is a very well designed tool for adept mobile photographers.

  1. Facebook Messenger

All of us are acquainted with the social networking giant on date. When you are on your android device, you don’t need to open up Facebook all the time to check you texted you. You can install the Messenger app and be online to check for any incoming messages all the time. You can even make audio and video calls from the app. Once you get the app, you don’t need to log in to the browser repeatedly to check your messages.


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