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192.168.l.l Login Page Username and Password & Wireless Settings


Internet Protocol is essential to network communication. Normally IP address of many sites is numerals. Most common IP addresses that router manufacturers assign is and Standard IP address of most of the LAN networks. Only people who know more about technical things will know IP address. Technology has grown in such a way that we don’t need to know IP address to connect our device to Wi-Fi network. It automatically connects to your device. But, if you want to configure router page it is essential to know IP address.

So, now you may think why you need to change manufacturer setting? It is advisable to change manufacturer settings to protect your account. If you know the IP address it makes you easy. Only thing you need to do is to find the default username and password of your router. First, you can page Admin Login into your system browser. Then will see a new window where you need to login by entering username and password. For that, you need to check the modem manufacturer name. D-link, Netgear, Cisco, Asus, Linksys etc shares same username and password.

  1. 1. Username: admin
  2. 2. Password: admin/password

You can try both combinations. After logging into your account tap on security tab and change username and password to a new one and protect your account. It helps you to protect your account from illegal activities. Now I am going to explain how you can access various routers using

How to access CISCO router using

  • 1. Connect your CISCO router to PC using its cable.
  • 2. Now, you need to turn ON both router and PC
  • 3. Open your browser and enter on it
  • 4. You will see a login page where you need to enter default username and password
  • 5. This will lead you to admin page of the router where you can change the settings and password.

D-link router using

  • 1. Directly connect your modem to PC
  • 2. Turn On both PC and modem
  • 3. In your browser enter or http://dlinkrouter
  • 4. You have to enter username and password here to log in
  • 5. After reaching administrative page change settings and password

From the above examples now you got an idea about changing administrative settings. Try it on your router and see how it works. Next question will be

What to do when I forgot password?

It is easy to change the configuration settings and password. It protects your account also. But what happens if you forgot password? You cannot login to your account. So, while changing password you need to choose one that you can remember easily.

But if you cannot remember that one only option remains is to bring the modem to factory settings. For that you need to check for a small hole that contains a reset switch at the back of your modem. Get a needle and press the switch. The modem goes back to factory settings with default user name and password. Using it you can login to your account and change the password again.

This is how you can access your router settings and protect your account. is the generic IP address for many routers. So, it is easy to get into configuration page using username and password. Change your account password to any easy one that you can remember. If your router page is not working, you can check for any typo errors or site error. Protecting account with password is important. If you don’t want additional protection you can skip it and use your router with default username and password.


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