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Telephone Marketing or ‘Telemarketing’ (as it is popularly known) is one of the best marketing methods businesses have employed so far. It’s simply using your phone to target customers and market your products and services to them.Unfortunately, some marketers have only focused on one aspect of telemarketing, which is cold calling. This has made many customers weary of telemarketers. On the other hand, marketing gurus have found different ways to creatively use the phone to get new customers, generate leads and referrals, gain and improve customer loyalty and finally increase their overall sales and profits.


Guess what? They have been able to save time and also cut down on major marketing expenses.You can easily find training materials online about cold calling so it’s easy to assume that cold calling is the best option, but based on my own experience, there are other unique ways to get the best out of Telemarketing.The downside is that, no matter how skilled you are in cold calling, you can’t prevent people from rejecting your calls or hanging up on you while you’re still making your sales pitch.

I’m going to show you 3 major tips that can help you get the best out of telemarketing.

1. Stick With Existing Clients and Leads

The best thing you can do is to call your existing clients first. You already have a standing relationship with them, so you can leverage on that when marketing new products. You can also offer them new deals on existing products. For instance, a phone company can call their customers to offer cheaper or better deals on their call packages when the customer’s contract is close to expiring.By doing this, you can get your customers to sign a new contract for another year.


Similarly, you can call your current leads because you already know they are potential customers, especially if they have already shown a level of interest in any of your products.

2. Call For A Specific Reason

It’s easier to engage a person on the phone when what you are offering is relevant to them.Knowing a bit about your customers can help you with this. There are ways to find out what your customers are interested in, use that to your advantage.For instance, you can start with a call to say thank you after a customer has made a purchase. It makes them feel important. If the conversation goes well, try to find out what other areas they might your services. If it matches any of your available services, you can pitch it to the customer. If not, the information can help you to come up with new products.


You can also call to educate your customers on how to make the best use your products. This brings a personal touch to the services you are providing for them. If it works the way you say, you will likely get recommendations from them.You can call to invite your customers to a special event that they can benefit from. For instance, you can invite them to a fashion event organized by your company if your customer is interested in fashion. Ask them to bring their friends or colleagues.

You can also call to make your existing customers aware of exclusive offers and special promos.Use your calls to build their anticipation when they are expecting a product or service from you. This also keeps them expectant. Just make sure you don’t disappoint them. It’s true you can do all these things with emails but speaking to them makes your service more personal and less likely to be ignored. Emails can be deleted without reading them.


3. Use Automated Calls

These are pre-recorded voice messages that companies use to promote their products and services.I know you may probably be concerned because these automated calls can be annoying but don’t be. The trick is to only send these messages to customers you have had previous transactions with or to potential customers who have requested further information. The main idea is to make it catchy and precise but detailed enough to pass on your message to your customers, not lengthy enough to bore people.The best part about this is that you can send pre-recorded voice messages to hundreds or thousands of your customers and leads, with plenty of time to spare for many other activities.

You spend only a fraction of the time for an actual voice call to send hundreds or thousands of automated voice calls.For instance, if a normal voice calls take at least 1 minute and you are billing $100 per hour of your time, you can actually make 60 regular calls within 1 hour. This means each call will cost you $1.66.Unfortunately, the quality of your calls will diminish with each passing hour because you will get more tired overtime.By going for automated voice calls, you can broadcast as many pre-recorded messages as possible for as low as 14 cents per minute.For instance, you can send a 30-second automated voice calls to about 2000 for $0.14, which would only cost you $140 (half a minute x $0.14 per minute x 2000 customers).

This is cheaper and faster than making regular calls because it would take you at least 33 hours to make 2000 calls and you would have to factor in break times in between if you want to maintain the same call quality. No one can be that efficient.


The whole point of this writing is for you to understand that making the right calls to the right people, at the right time and with the right message; in collaboration with technology will help you get the best from Telephone Marketing. The best part is you can do all these from the comfort of your home or office desk.


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